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Southern Specialty Physicians Vascular Surgery is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 3 ratings.


Everything about this practice is 5-star. Dr. Brian Sellers and his medical staff are knowledgeable, personable, compassionate and professional. Front office staff are courteous and efficient, and office visits are on schedule. Highly recommend!

The Hartzog Family

We would like everyone to know how great Dr. Brian Sellers is. My husband had a heart ablation done 3 weeks ago, he started hurting in his leg so he went to his primary care physician. They did an ultrasound and found the blood clot, then told us we needed a vascular surgery quickly. I contacted Dr. Sellers and he told us to go to the ER so he could meet us there to do emergency surgery. Now at this time it was late at night, Dr. Sellers worked all day and still came to our rescue. Dr. Sellers did emergency surgery to remove the blood clot. This saved my husband’s leg. We are so thankful to Dr. Sellers for his dedication as a Doctor to patients in need. He has a great care for his patients, easy to talk to, very smart and knows his stuff when it comes to his job. We are so thankful for Dr. Sellers and if you need a vascular surgeon, please consider Dr. Brian Sellers.

Mona Hennis

Making an appointment was very easy. The staff were very professional and courteous in all of their dealings with me. Dr. Sellers took the time to ask me all sorts of questions to create a detailed history and consider future testing. When I returned for my testing, the procedures were done in a timely matter. The assistant put me at ease. Dr. Sellers met with me to explain the results of the testing and set out a course of treatment. He has since followed up with me to keep tabs on my progress. Dr. Sellers is highly recommended in my book!

Laura Graham

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